All About Me... in a nutshell

As a freelance writer, I've discovered that I can utilize my writing skills to reach audiences of all shapes and sizes. I've developed a penchant for health and medical writing, especially oncology, knowing that patients and readers are finding confidence and comfort in the understanding that I provide through my words. I also love nothing more than learning about an entirely new subject, market segment, or trend in order to write compelling custom content and advertorials.

But like many writers, my love affair with writing came from reading. For me, that meant reading beautiful, glossy magazines during my preteen years, when no one else seemed to "get" me. Those magazines spoke to me and delivered information that affected every facet of my life. I knew, even then, that I wanted my writing to touch someone else, simply by putting them at ease in their daily life. As I grew older, I continued to turn to magazines as a source of comfort and information on fashion, friendships, parenting, career, and more. Now I turn more often to my computer than a glossy, fresh magazine, but the urge is the same - I seek out the exhilaration of new knowledge and the comfort that really good writing can bring to me as a reader. I have a feeling that I'm not alone, and I'm fortunate that I have found a way to incorporate writing into my daily life. 

After all, I turned my obsession into professional writing and editing. I have:

  • Earned a degree in journalism and communications from Lehigh University
  • Worked in newspapers, both at Lehigh University and locally in central New Jersey
  • Created and edited copy as an assistant editor with Rodale's Men's Health magazine
  • Worked in custom publishing as an associate editor with Hachette Filipacci Custom Publishing (RIP). Clients included Mercedes, Century 21, Phillip Morris, and Cisco Systems. 

Now, I look forward to bringing my passion to your vision and project. Contact me and let's get started...